Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Going Ga Ga

It's been some time since I have moved here, but at times i still find it hard to understand some of the stuffs going on here.

A couple of week ago, while I was heading out, I saw this woman in a blinking T-shirt. My jaw just dropped. When I meant blinking T-shirt, it really was. Bright LED lights somehow (I don't even want to know how) fused in it. She looked like a walking torch. Who would want to be a torch?

I recalled seeing this 40-something woman, big tummy (no, no, she wasn't pregnant) walking around with her friend in this really, really crowded place wearing a top covering til her bellybutton and no bottoms. she was just wearing this black sheer, see-through panty hose!! I can see her underwear underneath it so clearly. The prints on her underwear, her buttocks, her not-small thighs, all so clearly displayed. GAWD~ People were looking at her, but she just casually walked and talked with her friend as if everything was normal. I wonder if her "friend" was a foe-in-disguise.

In here, weird things happen. But some stuffs can be interesting too.

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