Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Something Sweet, Something Salty: Pumpkin & Peas

"Sweet & Salty & light. Yum, yum~"
Why they say pumpkin is good:

1. A lot, a lot of beta-carotene A.K.A vitamin A. This helps to produce the detoxification enzymes in the body. Its like an imaginary shield against the free radicals

2.It acts as a de-worming agents that paralyze and eliminate intestinal worms from digestive system.

3. Plenty of fiber

...and endless more reasons

Why I say pumpkin is good:

1. Cheap

2. Sweet

3. Delicious

...Enough said

Oh, please read about all the goodness of pumpkin here:

I made this for quick lunch, but of course they will make a really good side dish when hosting a dinner party. (Just cube the pumpkin evenly for a nice presentation)

Pumpkin and Peas

1/2 Pumpkin
A handful of peas
1 tbs pre-made caramelized onion

   Halve a pumpkin, cut the ends and scoop out the seeds and stringy parts. Steam until tender but not mushy. Cool slightly before slicing it or cutting it into nice cubes if you have guests to impress

   Heat 2 tbs of olive oil in the pan over medium-high heat. Add in the pumpkin. let them caramelize and brown on all sides.

   Add 1/2tsp salt, caramelized onion and peas. toss over heat to meld the flavor.

   Serve. Sprinkle with store-bought pumpkin seeds for garnish, or chopped parsley, or toasted sesame seeds. whichever you choose, it will be good

Simple, Light and Healthy!

meal cost for 1: around 4 rmb

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